Discover Groups

Sanctuary_001Discover Groups offer members the opportunity to connect with one another in small groups and to explore deeper spiritual questions. Participants commit to meet once a month for a year. The format for each 90-minute session allows time for checking in, discussing the monthly Second Sunday sermon topic and reflecting on one’s personal spiritual journey. For more information, please visit the Adult Programming Table in Freeman Hall or write to the Adult Programming Coordinator Martha Kniseley through our contact form.

“My Discover Group was all about loving, not judging. Because of that, the growing bond of acceptance  among group members  enabled me to share some of my deepest thoughts regarding my own spiritual journey. I am so glad we were able to move from surface headiness to sacred, soulful reflection.”  

– Discover Group participant, November 2014

A complete list of all current ARESD classes as well as ongoing programs and discussion groups is available in pdf format for viewing or printing.