Memorial Endowment Trust

Mission: The Memorial Endowment Trust provides a perpetual, prudently managed fund for generous legacy giving to support the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte, its present and future members and its liberal religious mission.

Source of Funds: The Trust grows assets through the professional management of contributions received from members and friends of the Church.  Gifts of cash, securities or other assets can be made to honor or commemorate a special person or persons while providing the giver with the tax benefits of charitable giving. The relevant details of the honorarium or memorial may be indicated on the MET gift form.

Legacy Society and Plans of Giving: Gifts can also be made by including the Memorial Endowment Trust in estate documents; members and friends who do so become part of the Legacy Society (formerly the Chalice Society). Through membership in the Legacy Society there are many ways of leaving a legacy to support your values.

Use of Funds: Each year, up to 5% of average Trust assets may be made available for one-time grants to fund special Church-sponsored or Church-related projects or activities. These projects should further the principles, programs and purposes of the Church, but should not be part of the regular and ongoing operating expenses of the Church. Funds available for the grant program, guidelines for submitting  grant proposals and an application form are available elsewhere on this site.

MET Trustees for 2016-17 / From left: Mike Long, Laurie Reed, Richard Pratt (Chair), Cathlean Utzig, Patrick McNeely

MET Trustees for 2016-17 / From left: Mike Long, Laurie Reed, Richard Pratt (Chair), Cathlean Utzig, Patrick McNeely

Governance: The Memorial Endowment Trust is governed by a trust agreement with the tax advantages of a charitable organization. The Trust’s assets are managed professionally with oversight by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Church Board. The MET Trustees administer the Trust Agreement according to a set of Rules and Procedures.

Charitable Tax Status: The Memorial Endowment Trust is an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) and 170(c) charitable religious organization. The Memorial Endowment Trust’s tax-exempt federal identification number is 56-6215392. For estate tax purposes, bequests, legacies, devises or transfers to the Trust are deductible as they are in accord with the provision of the Internal Revenue Code Section 2055(a) and related regulations.