What stewardship has come to mean in most faith communities, including the UUCC, is the process of obtaining commitments of financial support. It is the way – the only way – we can adequately provide necessary programming, support our staff, maintain our facility and plan ahead. So, although our Bylaws only require an annual “contribution of record” in order to remain a member, one clearly should go further and commit to ongoing support bySteardship Logo way of a pledge so that we can carry out the shared mission of our congregation.

You decide for yourself what you are able to pledge. Whereas many mainline denominations ask for a “tithe” – 10% of their members’ household income – we aspire to a pledge of 5% of your household income and hope that you will also support other worthy causes of your choosing (see “Sustainer” level in the chart below). Once you have determined the total amount of your pledge, we ask you to divide it by twelve to calculate your ongoing monthly contribution. If you would prefer other than monthly, please contact the UUCC office about creating a schedule that would be better suited to your needs.

We realize every member’s circumstances are different and ask that you pledge what you are able. We do believe that a substantial financial commitment to your religious community leads to a deeper engagement with that community. We invite that deeper engagement.

Some testimonies about stewardship from our members:

  • I contribute my resources, both financial and otherwise, so that the UUCC can continue its mission to challenge us to continued transformation – working to deepen our spiritual commitment to work toward justice for all.  –Sage Brook
  • We increase our pledge year over year because we believe the work of the church is growing more vital to our lives and to the well-being of our community.  –Megan and Jim Van Fleet
  • I am the beneficiary of the generosity of countless members over the years who have grown and nurtured this place.  It is now my turn AND my responsibility to ensure that others have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the UUCC. –Michael Elder
  • I make my pledge to the UUCC – and resolve to increase it each year – out of gratitude for all that our church has contributed to my spiritual journey.  to me, stewardship is also an affirmation of faith.  –Barry Ahrendt



As a pledging member, you will be assigned a month from September to June, which becomes your stewardship renewal month. If a particular month is problematic for you, we will be happy to find one better suited to your schedule. During your stewardship renewal month, you will be sent stewardship materials and asked to assess your current monthly pledge and confirm or change it. This will be your ongoing monthly commitment to the congregation until you tell us to stop or change it. For those who make lump sum annual contributions in cash or stock, or pay by credit card, this will still be possible by contacting the UUCC office. However, if you’re able to give monthly and through a checking account draft, that’s less work for us and there’s no credit card fee.

If you are a new member or simply would like to pledge your financial support as a non-member, you can make a pledge at any time by contacting the UUCC office.

Suggested levels of giving (click chart to enlarge):

Giving Chart







The UUCC is an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) and 170(c) charitable religious organization. The UUCC tax-exempt federal identification number is 56-6056289. For estate tax purposes, bequests, legacies, devises, or transfers to the UUCC or the Trust are deductible as they are in accord with the provision of the Internal Revenue Code Section 2055(a) and related regulations.