Hunger Banquet

It’s About More Than Food (Or Lack Thereof)
Hunger Banquet March 25 6pm

“It made me realize that solving the world’s hunger problems involves much more than just providing more food to people.”
“I was sad because although I only got rice to eat, I know I can go home and eat more food while many people go to bed hungry every night. That is very sad.”

These quotes from children who attended the last UUCC Hunger Banquet in 2014 attest to the power of this  event. This will be the eighth Hunger Banquet we have held here at our church and many would argue that they are among the best social justice awareness events offered here for families. I hope yours can attend.

A Hunger Banquet is  more than just an evening of dinner and entertainment—although it is both.
It is part theatre, part banquet; sobering, yet fun. Be you 9, 14 or 40-something, you will be glad you came.

The following description is from the Oxfam website –
The intent of a HB is to engage participants in a dramatization of the unequal distribution of resources and wealth in the world.

Each guest draws a ticket randomly assigning them to the high-, middle- or low-income tier and is served a corresponding meal.

The  Hunger Banquet is a powerful tool that brings to life the inequalities in our world and challenges us, as the more economically fortunate, to realize how our decisions affect others in the world. Few leave a Hunger Banquet with full stomachs, but all leave filled with a greater understanding of the problems of global hunger and poverty and the motivation to do something about it.

Parents tell us that they want their children to learn about ethical living – to better understand their personal power in affecting justice in this world. The Hunger Banquet will help educate and empower. It is a wonderful family event but be aware: most people attending will not get much food for dinner. If your child is under 7, you may want to give her/him a little food before attending.

The event will be led by some of our high school youth.  They are an amazing group and great role models for your kids. One more reason to join us on Saturday, March 25 at 6pm. Childcare will be provided for children under 6 if requested by Wednesday, March 22. Questions can be directed to Kathleen Carpenter, Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth.

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