STEWARDSHIP: Year-Round Pledging Kicks-Off this September!

As announced at our Congregational Conversation on June 11, we will be embarking on a new and healthier way of encouraging pledges to support our stewardship efforts. Stewardship enables us to provide the programming that is vital to our congregation, support our staff and maintain our building as well as pay for utilities. The new year-round pledging will begin this September and will allow us to connect with more people over a longer period of time (10 months, opposed to 2-3 months) and encourage ongoing monthly giving, though we are still happy to accept lump payments or a schedule that suits your needs.

Here’s how it works: Each pledging member will be assigned a month from September to June. This will become your renewal month. If you would prefer a different month, you will be able to request one. Since most of us have already pledged for the current year, what this means is you will be asked to assess your current (monthly) pledge and confirm or change it. This will be your ongoing monthly commitment to the congregation until you tell us to stop or change it. For those who make lump sum annual contributions in cash or stock, or pay by credit card, this will still be possible. However, if you’re able to give monthly and through a checking account draft, that’s less work for us and there’s no credit card fee.

In August, we will communicate your renewal month to you. Again, if an assigned month doesn’t work for you and you would like to change to another, please let us know. Members will receive their pledging materials the month before their renewal month and will be asked to complete them by the end of renewal month, either by sending in your materials or turning them in to at the Stewardship Team table, available the fourth Sunday of each month. We’ve also give you the option of pledging electronically, which we’ll detail in future communications.
During the year, we will be hosting a number of stewardship events, open to the entire congregation. So stay tuned so you don’t miss the fun!

Several large congregations in our denomination have already switched to year-round pledging. We’re excited that we’ll be able to have more meaningful communications with more of you than in the past. Stewardship is critical to the work we do here at the UUCC and it gives each of us a chance to expand our comfort zones and create something good for our community. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Your Stewardship Team