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If you are like most people, you’ve come to our website by way of an Internet search. What prompted your search and what would you really like to find? How to be your better self?  How to talk with your kids about life’s big questions?  How to make better sense of the big questions about life and death for yourself?  Or maybe, for you, it is about how to make a more significant contribution to the world’s well-being, or how to sustain efforts in which you are already involved.

You may be looking for a spiritual community where you can feel both comfortable and challenged. You may be searching for connection in a place with people you look forward to being with. Or you may be looking to deepen the connections that are already present in your life — ways to live more lovingly in the relationships that matter most to you.

Introduction to UUCCYour search may have to do with some pain — a loss or heartbreak. Or you may be hoping to find a way to accept who you really are or to forgive yourself for who you’ve been.  Maybe it has to do with a desire to move on from something difficult in your life or to move forward through some challenging situation.

Perhaps your search has to do with a sense of great joy — you may be looking to find a place that celebrates what is good about living and that can call you toward greater gratitude for the life you have.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte not only inspires these kinds of searches, we inspire discoveries!  We think of these deep, important questions in life as spiritual questions — questions about how to be fully alive, fully engaged, fully attentive both to what’s good in life and to what’s difficult.  We’re not here to uphold a fixed set of beliefs but to inspire discoveries that will help each of us create and sustain a life of deep meaning.

What would you like to discover?  Come visit with us.  You, too, may find here the inspiration that will enable you to live the life you’re seeking and the encouragement to continue searching for still deeper meaning.

“We were fortunate to discover in the UUCC a community that both supports us and challenges us to examine and live out our most deeply held values.”

– David Flynn and Debbie Rubenstein, UUCC members since 2009

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Sunday, February 18 2018

9:15 & 11:15 AM

From Walden Pond to Harper’s Ferry

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Rev. Jay Leach


Debbie Rubenstein
Lay Service Leader