The Open Door School

Open Door follows the Progressive philosophy of education. Progressive education is a movement that was first described by John Dewey in the beginning of the last century. Its mission is to help children grow into self-confident, ethical members of society.

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Contact Information

Office Hours: M-F, 9:00-3:00
Director: Sheila Locklear
Telephone: 704-364-1521

Registration for the 2017/2018 school year is currently underway, and will close on February 28, 2017. Class placements will be announced by March 15.

There is a very active Parent Council that plans community-building events, adult education forums, and community outreach opportunities, and coordinates fundraising efforts to generate funds for scholarships as well as particular needs of the school as they develop. To connect with the ODS community, learn about upcoming events that are open to the public, or to find out more about the Parent Council, find us at:
ODS Facebook page, where pictures, news and events are posted:
ODS Families page, where families can ask for support, resources, opinions, etc: